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Why study in Singapore?

Is studying in a foreign country one of your dreams? Do you wish to study in a college or a university with high infrastructure, great ambiance, and all the modern facilities?

Do you dream of getting a job in one of the best locations with all the ultra-modern amenities? Do you have the desire to settle down at a cool place where you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your family members? Don’t you want to enjoy all the entertainments and fun while you study, work and live? 

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What is stopping you from going ahead with your plans? Is your budget your major concern? There is an all-in-one solution to fulfill your dream without being bothered much about your pocket. Singapore is the one word to put all your aspirations into a nutshell. Yes, Singapore has it all!

It’s a dream spot if you want to live in a highly developed economy with all the facilities that you want for your life. You get a world-class education, you get scholarships and bursaries from the government, you can work while you study and meet your living expense. You have the option to stay back post-study and look for an appropriate job. You can get the work permit after you find a job and you can be a permanent resident of this country which will make you feel at home. You are just a few hours away from your home country, and you have all the homely things handy.

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Be job-ready!

The universities, colleges and polytechnics in Singapore offer market-oriented courses which would make you job-ready. Courses are designed by keeping high industry standards so that the students would never be left out from the job market. And now what is the delay? Contact me and get more details while I put down few more things about Singapore that would make you excited about studying there.

There are many reasons why students who wish to study abroad choose Singapore as their destination. Singapore can be rightly termed as the economic capital of Asia. An island nation that came into the picture in recent times has a lot in its list of achievements. The literally litter-free city with its highly developed infrastructure and city planning made its own place on the world map. 

Proximity & Cultural resemblance

Indian students choose Singapore as a study destination due to multiple reasons and each of them worth a mention. There are many countries that Indian students prefer as their international study destination such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Sweden. But as compared to these North American and European study destinations Singapore is much more advantageous for Indian students. The first and foremost advantage is its proximity to India. You can reach Singapore on a 6-hour flight and I bet you won’t miss home. Since many South Indians especially Tamilians have made Singapore their home during the past years, an Indian student stepping into Singapore would feel like home.

Singapore offers a multicultural society with zero tolerance for racism. Students have international exposure while feeling at home with the multiplicity of Indians present in this island-nation. You have mini India in Singapore and you get all the Indian delicacies. Can’t go without Biriyani and Bollywood movies? Singapore has all of them.

Singapore offers great city life and its urban planning is remarkable. It is a safe place to live and settle down for an international student. The country’s fast-growing economy makes it a most desirable relocation destination for students. The city life is amazing and it has got a lot of leisure and entertainment activities for students to hang out with friends.

High quality of life & international exposure

The high quality of life in Singapore is an attractive feature that makes Singapore a sought-after destination for international students. Singapore has students from all over the world including the UK and Europe. The government of Singapore advocates cultural diversity and the Ministry of Education provides multiple offers in the form of scholarships, grants and bursaries to international students. Singapore houses satellite campuses of some of the well-known universities and it has associations with world-class universities. 

Many of the multi-national companies including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin house their Asian headquarters in Singapore and they also have their global research laboratories over there.

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Another feature that makes Singapore popular among international students is that it is a budget-friendly study location. Compared to its European and North American counterparts, Singapore offers a pocket-friendly education. The aids provided by the Singapore government and the lower fees offered by the international universities are an added advantage for many students. Though it is an expensive destination in Asia, compared to the UK, Australia and Canada the educational expenses are reasonable. Students have the option to do part-time jobs during the sem and full-time jobs during sem breaks. After graduation students can apply for a long-term visit pass for 1 year and they can find a job during this period. If an international student is ready to serve the government his/her tuition fee will be subsidized by the government. 

This is not all about it. We have a lot more to talk about Singapore, its culture, city life, infrastructure, social security, hygiene, discipline, high standard of education, education system and a lot more. I will keep you posted on the upcoming blogs. If you want to know more about study abroad preparations read my previous blog post.

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