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Why do you ever stop learning?

People are trained to follow a stereotypical way of living, and most of them get settled with the way their ancestors have been living. Of course, I’m not denying the advancement that came through ages. But often, you can observe that people are reluctant to accept something new. They are so addicted to their status quo that they don’t want to compromise on it. Change is often forced upon people. They change when they are left with no other option. Consider the case of a typical Indian man or woman. They are brought up with such limited goals in their life. They are even afraid to dream big. Maybe because every Indian parent is overprotective or over-concerned about their children, they don’t want them to go through a trial and error life. The parents have got their piece of advice from their parents, and they got from the previous generations, and as a treasure, all of them want to hand over their own life experience to the next generation and little they know that the times have changed. The old engine you value will not be compatible with the latest device, how so ever error-free the old one is. As the device gets updated, so should be the engine.

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What I believe is that life should be a never-ending learning journey. We always have so many new things to learn. There are so many unexposed treasures of life that we leave untapped. Why do we have to do that? Why don’t we just go forward and expose untouched treasures of life? What is that pulling you back? Why are people afraid to experiment with something new? Why do you get settled with a stereotype life? Why don’t you come out of the comfort zone and start exploring the new possibilities life has kept hidden for you? It needs time, effort, patience, and courage. Exploring the unseen arenas comes with learning new things. The more you know, the more you become exposed to the hidden treasures. There is no doubt that within man lies unlimited powers, and for many people, these powers remain untapped throughout their life. Finally, they leave this world without exploring much of its possibilities. What a pity! You are gifted with unlimited treasures, and you never get a chance to realize it and explore it. Think about yourself. Think of your potential. Are you able to recognize that you have much more potential than what you are making use of? Have you ever got a chance to think about your own potential? When was the last time you learned something new?

We learn many things every day unknowingly. But are you putting in any conscious effort for your self-development? If not, think of all those obstacles that are stopping you? Are you too lazy to start something new? Do you procrastinate? Are you too demotivated? Do you lack self-confidence? Or is it that you are afraid of criticism? These are some of the reasons that make people step back from being creative. Just think of all these reasons again. Are they worthy of stopping you from becoming a better person? Your potential has to be tapped in the best possible way, and you have to take the initiative for that. Set goals for your life. Set both long-term goals and short-term goals—set targets. Make action plans. Every day spend some time for yourself, towards achieving your goals, towards meeting your targets. Your goals will give you a new vigour to move ahead with life in a pleasant manner.

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When you look at the life of the most successful people in the world, you will see that they have never quit learning. To live our life to the fullest, we need to regularly look for ways to improve. People face various difficulties in life, which will restrict them from attaining traditional education, but there should not be any such barriers when it comes to learning. When I say you should never stop learning, I don’t mean that you go back to your school or college life and pursue formal education. There are so many ways that will help you to learn. You can always learn from others, we are living in a world flooded with information, and there is no shortage of learning materials around us. It is a matter of you getting ready to grab it. Learning helps to change the way we see the world and ourselves. Here are a few reasons why you should not stop learning:- 

Learning will make you a happier person – When you start learning something new for the first time, you find it challenging. But it also makes your brain work in a different way to adapt new skills and new knowledge. This will ultimately lead to an active mind. One of the secrets for those who want to stay young is to have an active mind. And the happiness you gain after hitting your learning goal is beyond comprehension. 

Learning will help you generate new ideas – New ideas come from thought processes, and learning plays a key role here. People who want to achieve the purpose of their lives and become successful would always look for opportunities to attain that. They look forward to new ideas on which they can work. Learning will help you generate new ideas. Ideas don’t generate by merely sitting or going through some entertainment activities. Ideas come as a result of learning something new. Make a commitment to yourself that you would learn something new every day and find out the difference. 

Learning keeps you relevant and irreplaceable – If you are a person who keeps updating yourself, you become irreplaceable, and you can easily win over others.

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The exciting thing about learning is that no one can stop you or restrict you from it if you have made a firm decision. But it is often not others who hinder us from learning; it is we. People often think that they already have a hectic and overflowing schedule that they don’t have time to learn anything new. Here is where the self-starters steal the scene. They can manage their time prioritizing their self-growth. 

There are many ways through which you can get inspired to learn such as:-

Read biographies of successful people and learn from the masters

Join a community of like-minded people and get inspired.

Find a mentor who can guide you 

Form a community who look forward to you for motivation

The online world is full of resources but the question is whether you are ready for the change or not?

Think about all the time you wasted waiting for a doctor’s appointment or a public transport facility to arrive. How much time are you spending simply scrolling through the mobile screens in social media? If you can manage your time well, trust me, there is enough time for everything. The most successful people in the world are also getting only 24 hours in a day!

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