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What is stopping you from achieving your dream?

Do you have a dream? When I ask you this question, what is the thought that came to your mind? You would have been thinking about your greatest dreams as a child. Or maybe you remembered a strong desire that is deeply hidden in your mind and never got a chance to work on it. This is a normal question that we face as a child,  what’s your goal and what do you want to be when you grow up? All of us would have come across this question in the initial stages of our lives. The question comes from our parents, relatives, teachers, and friends. Try to remember all the answers you have given. I’m sure it’s not a single answer that you had at different stages of life. Our ambitions vary as we get older, and as we are introduced to new ideas and concepts. But there will not be a time that you go without a goal. But what happened when you grew older? Just think for a while. Some people chase their goals and become achievers while others are forced to drop their dreams at some point in their lives. There are plenty of reasons for this. Let us examine it one by one. Why is it that most of the people fail to chase their dream? It’s mostly their circumstances. Life takes us through unexpected paths that you get lost or forced to sail to a different direction that you never wanted. This is the story of life. No, I would say this is the story of life for normal people. But do you want to be one among those normal people? Don’t you feel a special spark within you that makes you different from the people around you? Yes, there is a spark in you that makes you special. You are special. You always knew it but never bothered to light that spark. Or maybe that you never got a chance. But now this is the chance. If you couldn’t do it some years back, now it’s the perfect moment for you. Start dreaming, take the first step towards chasing the dream. You will have to meet a lot of obstacles that keep you away from your dream. But don’t give up. The first step towards going towards your dream is to be aware of the obstacles that could come your way. There are multiple factors that come on your way and take you away from your dream destination. You have to be well aware of it. Now let’s see what are those things that block your way.

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The biggest block is you –  You would be shocked to read this line. But it is the bitter reality of your life. The biggest block on your way is none other than you yourself. Your mindset, your prejudices, your self-doubts, everything works as catalysts to pull you back. You have that feeling within you that you are not capable of achieving anything special. Or you think that you will not be able to make it. You don’t trust yourself. There are so many things within you that are pulling you back. If you don’t trust yourself who on earth is going to trust you? You need to get rid of that mental block that’s holding you back. Start looking at yourself from a different perspective.  If you are the biggest block that also means that other obstacles are smaller and you can overcome them easily. The roadblocks that come on your way are in fact the signboards that tell you success is just around the corner. Don’t get disappointed by the obstacles on the way. Take one step at a time and slowly you can remove it all away. 

Don’t be afraid to fail – You always have a second or a third chance to be successful. We have this story of Thomas Alva Edison who failed almost 10,000 times before he invented the electric bulb. Your attitude towards failure is what matters. Edison has taken each of his failures as a way of learning. After failing the 9,000th time he said that now he knows 9,000 ways through which it’s not going to work. That’s the spirit. The moment you decide to give up could be the point where you are just a step away from success. Teach your mind that you need not be successful at every attempt. You need not win every test. It’s perfectly fine to fail and learn new ways of doing things. The crucial thing is that you need to accept your failure as a reality and never stop trying because you are afraid to lose. 

There is no need to be a Mr/Ms perfect – It is good to be perfect. But unnecessary worries about perfectionism can pull you back. You can do a single thing in multiple ways. If it didn’t work this way try the other way. Your work will get perfect through practice only. You always can go back and work on things and improve quality. If you pull yourself back due to the fear of perfectionism, you will never be able to go forward. You will reach near to perfection once you keep practising and that is the way you will be able to find out the different ways of doing a single task. 

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It’s not how you end up with the tasks you have taken up, it’s also in how well you work on it. You need to enjoy the work that you are doing rather than worrying about the end results of the task. If you focus on just the end results you will not be able to enjoy the process, which will make you frustrated and drive you away from your goals. Instead of taking big leaps towards the target, divide the whole path into small, achievable steps. Take small steps everyday which can lead you towards the goal. If you are determined to chase your dream there is nothing on earth that can stop you. It’s all in your hands and determination is the power that keeps you going. What is the spark you received after reading this?

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