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How to stay motivated and reach your big goals?

It is usually said that motivation should come from within. But the fact is it doesn’t always happen this way. In my previous blog post, I have shown you how I have been spending the lockdown days. Many of my readers said that it helped them to get motivated. I was able to build a couple of online platforms during these days. It was an amazing experience and a fantastic learning process. I could directly connect with hundreds of people and provide value to them. And that’s not all about it. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction that I am able to utilize my time and potential in a productive way and what’s next?

I don’t want to stop here. I have designed a master plan and a course that can help people like you to start working on your skills and create something of value. Before talking about the course I would like to share a few ideas that would enable you to light the flame of your creative self. Hold on!

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for motivation?

There might be times when you are feeling low that you are unable to utilize your qualification and skills just because you can’t go out and do a job. Even when you are busy with your daily chores deep down in your heart you feel the pain of not being able to do what you always wanted. There will be times that you wish you had an income so that you can support your family during a financial crisis. Well, you are not alone. There are thousands around you who are looking for a way out. 

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You can do a lot of things while you stay at home!

 Being able to do what you love and earning revenue out of it is not a small thing. It gives you a lot of confidence and satisfaction. Remember that we all are here for a purpose. Unless you find the purpose of your life you will not be happy. True that you might be doing a lot of things around your life but if the real purpose of your existence is not met you will always remain unsatisfied and a feeling of incompleteness would always follow you. Hence, it is important to find your life’s purpose and work around it to enjoy the happiness that life has kept especially for you, or in other words, you need to find your happiness mantra!

Find your happiness mantra

Everyone should have a happiness mantra unique to themselves. Because what makes you happy is a totally personal experience. So your happiness mantra is unique because you are unique. Remind you, chanting some mantras only will not do the job. If you are determined to create a life of abundance you need to take some action.You need to have a plan. You need to answer questions like “What steps do I need to take to make my plans work?” You need to make yourself believe that you have the confidence and knowledge to take action. Plans won’t work on their own. You need to take action. 

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Do things that make you happy!

What’s next?

After doing some brainstorming to find your happiness mantra you need to do certain things before proceeding with the action. You need to have good motivation. If you are not motivated you will not be able to reach where you want to. There are so many people out there who start with trillions of plans and drop in the middle. The reason why they are unable to complete their mission is lack of motivation. To stay motivated you need to have clear set goals in your life.

Goals give you a direction to focus on. When you set your goal make sure that it is measurable and it has an end-point. It should be something that interests you otherwise you will be tired of it soon. It is a good idea to publish your goals either by speaking about it or by writing down. This creates a feeling of commitment that you need to fulfill. It is also important to break down your goals into achievable chunks so that you won’t be burdened.

Let’s talk about motivation

Before proceeding any further I think it is important to talk a bit more about motivation. Motivation is the driving force that helps you to achieve your goals. Motivation is that feeling which wakes you up in the morning even when you have the luxury to sleep for long. It is that force that pulls you out of your blanket even when you have the liberty to couch inside. Motivation is that hope which makes you move on even after so many failed attempts. It keeps you tough towards the challenges that come your way.

Motivation is not a switch to turn on or off. It is a flow that has to initiate from deep within you and spread to the surface just like the light energy of the sun initiating from the core and spreading all over the surface. Your motivation should be self-sustaining to be long-lasting. It is the ‘purpose’ that differentiates a motivated person from an unmotivated person.

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Execution through motivation!

Goals setting guidance

Now, let’s come back to goal setting. When you are setting the goals make sure it is SMART. SMART is an acronym that incorporates all the essential elements of goal setting. Your goal should be SMART! Well, what does SMART stand for? It means your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Each word in the SMART formula speaks for itself. Your goal should be Specific which means it is well defined and you are clear about it. It also means that you don’t have any ambiguity about your goals. Now, it is time to set the first part of your goal. Define it clearly and be sure about it. Measurable means you are able to measure the progress of each step of your goal. For this, you need to have long-term and short-term plans and measure the progress against your plan.

When you set your goal make sure that you are not going for any mission impossible. It should be something that you can attain within a given time or in other words, it should be achievable. Your goal should be within your reach, and in alignment with your life purpose, which also means that it should be realistic. You need to create a feeling of urgency when you set the goal. It should have a well-defined start date and an end date. You cannot work on a goal that is indefinite and infinite. Set timely goals.

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What motivates you to take action?

Be an action taker! 

If you are a person who wants to figure out and fulfill the purpose of life, you need to take action. Setting goals and preparing the plan will not work on its own. Find your motivation, set your goals and prepare your action plan and finally get ready to take action. When it comes to taking action there is a good possibility of failure. Consider failures as the lessons of life. Failures are the best teachers who train you in what you should not be doing. Take the lessons of your life from your failures and move on with the hope that you will be successful one day.

I would be glad if this helped you to get motivated and I have a training program that can help you achieve your goals sitting at the comfort of your home. If you want to know more about my course, reach out to me through the comment box.

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