Daily Dose of Grammar

Learn Basic English Grammar in 9 days with the help of simple and short videos

Are you struggling with English Grammar at your school, college, or workplace? Are you losing confidence while communicating in English due to poor Grammar? Are you finding it difficult to attend an interview due to lack of basic Grammar knowledge? Well, you are not alone! Thousands of students and graduates suffer due to poor Grammar skills while writing an exam, appearing an interview or communicating at their workplace. 

This 9 days short video course solve it all! Each topic of this course is carefully selected based on real life experience on where the students suffer more. Each video contains lesson that helps students have the basic Grammar knowledge so that they can move forward with their studies and work more confidently and efficiently. This course will help the students to understand all the basic Grammar concepts. The lessons are delivered in a simple and easy to understand manner. You will get a life time access to these videos so that you can go back and review the concepts at any time. You can also join the WhatsApp community of English speakers from where you can practice your spoken English and improve your fluency.

So, now what is stopping you? Click on the below button and grab your Daily Dose of Grammar and get hold of your Grammar just in 9 days!

About the trainer

Shehna Azeez is a passionate trainer and educationist with a professional experience of more than 2 decades . She is a Post graduate in English literature and also a certified TESOL & IELTS trainer. She holds a Diploma in Business English from Business Training Limited, Manchester, England. She is also the co-founder and the chief trainer at Daily Dose of English, an online platform for communicative English and IELTS training. She has trained more than hundred students online during the past one year. She has worked as an English teacher and currently working as an Academic Coordinator in an American curriculum school. She has been the co-founder of a Saudi based international Indian school and also worked in the same place as teacher and Academic Head. With such extensive experience and qualification Shehna Azeez is now on a mission to train the students and elders who are struggling to get hold on their English Grammar. She has designed and prepared an exclusive course in the basics of English Grammar to help them out. She has delivered the course in a simple and easy to understand manner so that even a person with very limited knowledge in English can understand the concepts. 

What will you be learning

How important Grammar in communicative English

This is one of the most basic grammar lesson and it is a must to have grammar knowledge

This lesson will give you more information about subject verb agreement and you will be clear about the concept

Tenses are one of the basic concepts in English Grammar and this lesson will teach you about the use of simple present tense

This lesson will teach you about the usage of past tense in English Grammar

This is an important lesson that talks about various forms of 

This lesson will help the students to know more about passive voice.

Knowledge about auxiliary verbs helps to have an error-free language use and this lesson talks about the usage of auxiliary verbs

Students mostly get confused with the usage of since and for and this will lesson is the solution to it

A sneak peek into the course

Key Highlights of the Course

  1. Life time access
  2. Simple and easy to understand
  3. Community support
  4. Access to WhatsApp group 
  5. Additional practice exercises
  6. Mentor support for group members

Who should buy this course?

  • If you are a student struggling with English Grammar
  • If you want to improve your communicative English
  • If you are student with low English proficiency
  • If you are a job seeker struggling to attend interviews due to poor English language skills
  • If you a working professional struggling to draft business correspondence 

Yes, and the content will be updated regularly

You have a community support throughout and trainers are available to answer your questions

Yes, you can join the WhatsApp group for continued practice and improve your communication skills

It is a pre-recorded course and you will have lifetime access. You can watch it at your convenience