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Shameena Azeez

A working professional and a women empowerment activist for more than two decades. Co-founder & Chief Administrative Officer at Al Hayat International School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for eighteen years. 

Holding a Masters Degree in Business Administration. 

Founder of various platforms such as Creativity Hub & Daily Dose of English meant to educate and empower women who have super talents and unable to channelize it in the right direction. 

How May I Help You?

Are you a woman with a skill? Do you have a mindset to work on your skills and get results? If yes you can reach out to me for a one on one call and I can guide you to move forward with your passion that can bring you profits!

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Daily Dose of English

We offer an online spoken English training program where you can get the support of qualified and experienced trainers


IELTS training

We provide online IELTS training for study abroad aspirants. We have highly qualified and experienced trainers with proven track records

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Creativity Hub

We offer training programs for home makers to make an income using their talents effectively

Work With Me

I provide both free and paid courses and training programs with the objective of creating financially independent and empowered women who can contribute to the development of the society.