How to stay motivated and reach your big goals?

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It is usually said that motivation should come from within. But the fact is it doesn’t always happen this way. In my previous blog post, I have shown you how I have been spending the lockdown days. Many of my readers said that it helped them to get motivated. I was able to build a couple of online platforms during these days. It was an amazing experience and a fantastic learning process. I could directly connect with hundreds of people and provide value to them. And that’s not all about it. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction that I am able to utilize my time and potential in a productive way and what’s next?

I don’t want to stop here. I have designed a master plan and a course that can help people like you to start working on your skills and create something of value. Before talking about the course I would like to share a few ideas that would enable you to light the flame of your creative self. Hold on!

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for motivation?

There might be times when you are feeling low that you are unable to utilize your qualification and skills just because you can’t go out and do a job. Even when you are busy with your daily chores deep down in your heart you feel the pain of not being able to do what you always wanted. There will be times that you wish you had an income so that you can support your family during a financial crisis. Well, you are not alone. There are thousands around you who are looking for a way out. 

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You can do a lot of things while you stay at home!

 Being able to do what you love and earning revenue out of it is not a small thing. It gives you a lot of confidence and satisfaction. Remember that we all are here for a purpose. Unless you find the purpose of your life you will not be happy. True that you might be doing a lot of things around your life but if the real purpose of your existence is not met you will always remain unsatisfied and a feeling of incompleteness would always follow you. Hence, it is important to find your life’s purpose and work around it to enjoy the happiness that life has kept especially for you, or in other words, you need to find your happiness mantra!

Find your happiness mantra

Everyone should have a happiness mantra unique to themselves. Because what makes you happy is a totally personal experience. So your happiness mantra is unique because you are unique. Remind you, chanting some mantras only will not do the job. If you are determined to create a life of abundance you need to take some action.You need to have a plan. You need to answer questions like “What steps do I need to take to make my plans work?” You need to make yourself believe that you have the confidence and knowledge to take action. Plans won’t work on their own. You need to take action. 

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Do things that make you happy!

What’s next?

After doing some brainstorming to find your happiness mantra you need to do certain things before proceeding with the action. You need to have good motivation. If you are not motivated you will not be able to reach where you want to. There are so many people out there who start with trillions of plans and drop in the middle. The reason why they are unable to complete their mission is lack of motivation. To stay motivated you need to have clear set goals in your life.

Goals give you a direction to focus on. When you set your goal make sure that it is measurable and it has an end-point. It should be something that interests you otherwise you will be tired of it soon. It is a good idea to publish your goals either by speaking about it or by writing down. This creates a feeling of commitment that you need to fulfill. It is also important to break down your goals into achievable chunks so that you won’t be burdened.

Let’s talk about motivation

Before proceeding any further I think it is important to talk a bit more about motivation. Motivation is the driving force that helps you to achieve your goals. Motivation is that feeling which wakes you up in the morning even when you have the luxury to sleep for long. It is that force that pulls you out of your blanket even when you have the liberty to couch inside. Motivation is that hope which makes you move on even after so many failed attempts. It keeps you tough towards the challenges that come your way.

Motivation is not a switch to turn on or off. It is a flow that has to initiate from deep within you and spread to the surface just like the light energy of the sun initiating from the core and spreading all over the surface. Your motivation should be self-sustaining to be long-lasting. It is the ‘purpose’ that differentiates a motivated person from an unmotivated person.

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Execution through motivation!

Goals setting guidance

Now, let’s come back to goal setting. When you are setting the goals make sure it is SMART. SMART is an acronym that incorporates all the essential elements of goal setting. Your goal should be SMART! Well, what does SMART stand for? It means your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Each word in the SMART formula speaks for itself. Your goal should be Specific which means it is well defined and you are clear about it. It also means that you don’t have any ambiguity about your goals. Now, it is time to set the first part of your goal. Define it clearly and be sure about it. Measurable means you are able to measure the progress of each step of your goal. For this, you need to have long-term and short-term plans and measure the progress against your plan.

When you set your goal make sure that you are not going for any mission impossible. It should be something that you can attain within a given time or in other words, it should be achievable. Your goal should be within your reach, and in alignment with your life purpose, which also means that it should be realistic. You need to create a feeling of urgency when you set the goal. It should have a well-defined start date and an end date. You cannot work on a goal that is indefinite and infinite. Set timely goals.

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What motivates you to take action?

Be an action taker! 

If you are a person who wants to figure out and fulfill the purpose of life, you need to take action. Setting goals and preparing the plan will not work on its own. Find your motivation, set your goals and prepare your action plan and finally get ready to take action. When it comes to taking action there is a good possibility of failure. Consider failures as the lessons of life. Failures are the best teachers who train you in what you should not be doing. Take the lessons of your life from your failures and move on with the hope that you will be successful one day.

I would be glad if this helped you to get motivated and I have a training program that can help you achieve your goals sitting at the comfort of your home. If you want to know more about my course, reach out to me through the comment box.

How to make use of the lockdown days productively?

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The Productivity Equation

The greatest lesson that I learned during the pandemic period is that there are multiple opportunities within every threat that you face. It essentially requires some elements to bring out these opportunities. A positive mindset combined with patience and persistence can make magic. I call it the ‘3 Ps’ of productivity.

Productivity = Positivity +Persistence +Patience

The Productivity Equation

My lockdown story

I don’t have much regret for the past one and a half years of either fully or partially locked down days. I did many things that I never thought I would be doing. Let me share some of them with you. 

We survive by adapting

The lockdown came as an emotional hit on most of the people. The whole lifestyle has turned upside down. The freedom to move has been blocked and what’s worse, the happiest moments of get-togethers and parties became an old memory. People got trapped inside their house and the physical movements got restricted within the four walls. It was an entirely new experience for all of us. This was something that we had never expected to happen in our lives. The whole world is locked down in front of us. But then we human beings have a special power of adaptability. We have been surviving through centuries by adapting. We got adapted to the new way of living. I thank all those coaches and motivational speakers who have been trying to send out the vibes of positivity during these tough days. They helped divert people to the possibilities of a locked-down world and remain positive towards life. 

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Better things await

How did it all start?

The initial 2-3 months of lockdown went without much activity and in fact, it was a period of waiting and hoping that things would get normal within a few months. But as we all know that’s not what happened. We went through the first wave of the pandemic, went up in the curve, and successfully came down but a severe second wave was waiting for us. After the first few months, I started a few things that I am so proud of. It was when I started growing interest in digital marketing and got an opportunity to work in a digital marketing institute. This triggered my interest more in the subject. I started to read more about it, watched many videos, and finally joined a course in digital marketing. This helped me to get some idea about some of the basic concepts of digital marketing. But also I realized that it is not a small thing. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. True that Digital Marketing is a vast ocean but the best thing about it is that you only need a laptop and a stable internet connection to make things happen. During the lockdown period, we often couldn’t get some of our essential supplies, but thank God I never had a problem with my internet connection!

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The power of Digital Marketing

When I joined the Digital Marketing Internship Program of Digital Deepak, it was a game-changing decision that I made. I am so glad that I took that step. I was exposed to the fundamentals of digital marketing in a very systematic and in-depth manner. It was not just me, thousands of other aspirant marketers joined the program and got their life changed. No words to express the value of this literally free program. The best thing that happened after joining this program is that I was able to start my own blog This helped me to expose the world of blogging and content marketing. It is a great feeling to own a small piece of digital property in the vast ocean of the internet. Though I used to write and publish articles earlier, it was always in my mother tongue. Never tried to write and publish something in English.

My blog gave me the opportunity and courage to write and publish in English. One lesson that I learned during the internship program was that you don’t have to be perfect to start working on something. You can start with a ‘zero knowledge’ background and work each day to improve yourself. The important thing is you should not stop adding to your knowledge and skill. Each day you need to learn something new, it doesn’t matter how little it is. Never stop learning irrespective of anything. 

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Digital is the new power

The program also allowed me to work on social media marketing, email marketing and Google ads, the most powerful marketing tools in today’s world. But one thing that I realized during my learning process was that you will not be able to achieve anything just by consuming the content. It is important to implement the learning for you to get results. Another important thing about digital marketing is to remain consistent and committed to your goals. You cannot expect to get results in a day or two. It might take a year or two while you experiment, learn and grow. Keeping up the momentum throughout the journey can be the greatest challenge according to me.

And that’s not all about it!

The lockdown also helped us to initiate two wonderful platforms, Hayat Academy and Daily Dose of English. It was the combined effort of us sisters living miles apart but connected closely by the power of the internet. These are online learning platforms that bring students from various parts of the globe around a table. We got the opportunity to meet a lot of strangers through these platforms, train them, work with them and add value to their lives. This was a totally new experience which was made possible due to the restrictions imposed by the lockdown days. When there is a threat, don’t tie up your hands and stop doing things. Think of the opportunities that lie on the other side. The problems and obstacles in your life are the tools to bring out the best in you. In the meantime, we were featured by the Indian creative mothers and got exposed to much more audiences. We built communities around us and worked on ways to provide value to those who follow us. One thing that I always remind myself is that don’t be fooled or disappointed by the numbers in the initial stages. Focus on helping out people and providing value to them. The results will come when it is destined to come. Keep going and never quit is my advice to my readers too.

Together we grow!

There are so many different ways through which you can effectively make use of the lockdown period and will be back with it in the next episode. I am really curious to know your reaction after reading this. Do let me know about it in the comment box below.

Hayat Academy

Read this about time management today and thank me later

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“I wish to do it, but I don’t have time”.

” I have no time to work on my hobby”.

“I am so busy doing the household work I don’t find time for myself”.

I know what you are talking about!

Many people do complain that they don’t have time to do things that they love. Are you one among them?

You might be a homemaker, stay-at-home mom, or a working professional managing both professional and personal life with a lot of stress and anxiety. You are struggling to manage your life and trying to make the life of the people around you much better and happier. And at the end of the day, there is no time for yourself. There is no time to watch your favorite TV show or to hang out with your friends. And what’s worse, you don’t have a ‘me time’ where you can do the things that you are passionate about.

In the next few minutes, I am going to explain to you how you can get the hook of your life back in your hands and enjoy the life that you always wished to have. I am sure that this is going to change your life and you can thank me later.  

Time is money
Time is money

Why is time management important?

I can imagine how boring life would be, doing the same old things over and over again. A monotonous life would lose color. Every day the same routine and moving up and down the same roads. You are doing things not because you love to do them but you are forced to do them. Don’t you love the moment you get a chance to come out of this routine and do something different? Sometimes it happens that you wake up in the morning and curse the day that you have to pass through. How much happier you are when you get a chance to attend a party at a relative’s place or a trip with your friends or a movie evening. Don’t you think that you have the right to be happy in every moment of your life? And now, do you agree if I say that you are responsible for building your own happy and sad moments in life?

 In the next few lines, I want to show you how you can be a happier person if you are ready to follow the exact guidelines that I have created for you. I am sure about it because I have tried and tested it and now I want to share it with you.

How can you manage your time by managing your life?

Your Life will be much more fun-filled if you can manage your time. You must have heard a lot about time management. There are so many motivational speakers around giving multiple tips on time management. Forget about all those tips and techniques. I want to put it very simple and straight. Time management is the art of holding control of your life in your hands. Now, just think for a while, how much control do you have over your life? Rate it on a 0-10 scale. If it is more than 5 you are easy to go forward. If it’s less than 5, don’t get upset. Stay with me till the end of this post where I will be walking you through it step by step. 

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Manage your life to manage your time

1. Be disciplined in your life

The first and foremost thing about time management is discipline. A successful life comes with a lot of discipline. There should be a proper time and place for everything and everyone. Define space and time and stick to it. Do the right things at the right time and don’t hesitate to put a strike on the wrong people in your life. Just take out a few days to plan and reorganize everything, right from the kitchen to the filing cabinet and wardrobes, you can see wonders happening in the next couple of days. You are saving a lot of time that you used to spend searching for the things. And that’s not just about it! You get a feeling of satisfaction which is priceless!

2. Be the decision-maker of your life

It’s not that you have to completely ignore all those advisors who come up with free advice. You may lend an ear to them but any final decision regarding your life should be your own. This will help you get better control of your life. I understand that it is not as easy as said, but you need to start it somewhere. Break the shell and prepare to fly!

3. Schedule your tasks and deadlines

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It’s important to have schedules and deadlines even if you are the boss. This will help you to keep a track on everything and you can rest assured that you don’t miss out on any of them. There are simple yet powerful techniques to do that. First of all you need to identify all the tasks that you need to complete in a set time, it could be yearly or monthly. Break them down into weekly, daily and hourly. Prioritize your tasks and fix time for everything and don’t forget to keep deadlines to complete each and every task. But that’s not all about it. Setting deadlines is easy but meeting is not. Stay committed to yourself is the mantra!

Stay focused! Stay committed!

Once you are disciplined and have better control over your life, time management becomes a piece of cake. Yes, you read it right. But how do you start? First thing is to have the right mindset. Today you make a promise to yourself that you will reorganize your life in such a way that you find time for everything that you want to do. Remember, all the successful people in the world also have only 24 hours in their day. If they can do so many things in 24 hours, why can’t you? 

Spend some time to rearrange or reorganise everything, be it your kitchen cabinets or wardrobes or document files. Make your headings and subheadings for easy access. Put all your spices in one rack and pulses in another. Keep separate files for your kid’s documents and certificates. This way you save so much time that you can spend for yourself. 

Remember that time is more precious than money because you can’t get back time by paying for all your wealth. Try implementing these simple yet powerful tips and let me know how they changed your life. 

Why study in Singapore?

Is studying in a foreign country one of your dreams? Do you wish to study in a college or a university with high infrastructure, great ambiance, and all the modern facilities?

Do you dream of getting a job in one of the best locations with all the ultra-modern amenities? Do you have the desire to settle down at a cool place where you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your family members? Don’t you want to enjoy all the entertainments and fun while you study, work and live? 

Singapore Lion fountain

What is stopping you from going ahead with your plans? Is your budget your major concern? There is an all-in-one solution to fulfill your dream without being bothered much about your pocket. Singapore is the one word to put all your aspirations into a nutshell. Yes, Singapore has it all!

It’s a dream spot if you want to live in a highly developed economy with all the facilities that you want for your life. You get a world-class education, you get scholarships and bursaries from the government, you can work while you study and meet your living expense. You have the option to stay back post-study and look for an appropriate job. You can get the work permit after you find a job and you can be a permanent resident of this country which will make you feel at home. You are just a few hours away from your home country, and you have all the homely things handy.

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Be job-ready!

The universities, colleges and polytechnics in Singapore offer market-oriented courses which would make you job-ready. Courses are designed by keeping high industry standards so that the students would never be left out from the job market. And now what is the delay? Contact me and get more details while I put down few more things about Singapore that would make you excited about studying there.

There are many reasons why students who wish to study abroad choose Singapore as their destination. Singapore can be rightly termed as the economic capital of Asia. An island nation that came into the picture in recent times has a lot in its list of achievements. The literally litter-free city with its highly developed infrastructure and city planning made its own place on the world map. 

Proximity & Cultural resemblance

Indian students choose Singapore as a study destination due to multiple reasons and each of them worth a mention. There are many countries that Indian students prefer as their international study destination such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Sweden. But as compared to these North American and European study destinations Singapore is much more advantageous for Indian students. The first and foremost advantage is its proximity to India. You can reach Singapore on a 6-hour flight and I bet you won’t miss home. Since many South Indians especially Tamilians have made Singapore their home during the past years, an Indian student stepping into Singapore would feel like home.

Singapore offers a multicultural society with zero tolerance for racism. Students have international exposure while feeling at home with the multiplicity of Indians present in this island-nation. You have mini India in Singapore and you get all the Indian delicacies. Can’t go without Biriyani and Bollywood movies? Singapore has all of them.

Singapore offers great city life and its urban planning is remarkable. It is a safe place to live and settle down for an international student. The country’s fast-growing economy makes it a most desirable relocation destination for students. The city life is amazing and it has got a lot of leisure and entertainment activities for students to hang out with friends.

High quality of life & international exposure

The high quality of life in Singapore is an attractive feature that makes Singapore a sought-after destination for international students. Singapore has students from all over the world including the UK and Europe. The government of Singapore advocates cultural diversity and the Ministry of Education provides multiple offers in the form of scholarships, grants and bursaries to international students. Singapore houses satellite campuses of some of the well-known universities and it has associations with world-class universities. 

Many of the multi-national companies including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin house their Asian headquarters in Singapore and they also have their global research laboratories over there.

aerial photography of high rise buildings


Another feature that makes Singapore popular among international students is that it is a budget-friendly study location. Compared to its European and North American counterparts, Singapore offers a pocket-friendly education. The aids provided by the Singapore government and the lower fees offered by the international universities are an added advantage for many students. Though it is an expensive destination in Asia, compared to the UK, Australia and Canada the educational expenses are reasonable. Students have the option to do part-time jobs during the sem and full-time jobs during sem breaks. After graduation students can apply for a long-term visit pass for 1 year and they can find a job during this period. If an international student is ready to serve the government his/her tuition fee will be subsidized by the government. 

This is not all about it. We have a lot more to talk about Singapore, its culture, city life, infrastructure, social security, hygiene, discipline, high standard of education, education system and a lot more. I will keep you posted on the upcoming blogs. If you want to know more about study abroad preparations read my previous blog post.

Things you need to know before preparing to study abroad

Are you a student who is longing to study in an international study destination? Are you passionate about going to a foreign country and continue your education there? Do you think getting an education from a famous study destination is going to change your life? If you are getting ready to continue your studies in any of the top-rated countries it might become a game changer for you. 

Studying abroad comes with a lot of advantages to students. It helps a student to develop social, academic & language skills. It is a great opportunity to have international exposure. Interacting with people from all around the globe changes the perspective of a person. You become more adaptable and flexible. It gives you greater vision and broader outlooks. You get the opportunity to meet with people from all around the world, you become familiar with their culture. You are able to influence and be influenced by multiple cultures during your stay in a foreign country. 

woman carrying white and green textbook

Most of the international study destinations allow students to do part-time jobs. This helps them to become financially independent and responsible. Residing in a foreign country with unknown people, sharing the classroom with international students, doing a job in an unfamiliar location, all these are going to help a student to mould his personality in a positive way. You get the feeling of being a part of an international community and also try to preserve the culture & values of the place you hail from. It becomes a matter of pride and responsibility to present your country in the best way in front of others. 

It is a part of their policy for most of the international colleges & universities to allow ethnic diversities into their campus. The educational policies of most of such countries have been framed in a way to incorporate international students into their local campuses. This way they ensure that their students get multi-cultural exposure. The campus is modelled as a miniature of the world. Students from all over the world study & interact, enriching each other. It is in fact a cultural exchange that takes place in these campuses which makes it a non-academic or beyond the syllabus way of learning. So if you are thinking about going beyond the borders, do not hesitate to do so. You can return to your home country as a proud citizen or continue to live in a place where you are comfortable & make your country proud of you. Which country to choose as your study destination is a matter of utmost consideration. Good research on the country, the colleges, the courses, career opportunities, social & political conditions of the place, the climate of the place, and many other factors have to be done before coming up with a final decision.

people seated on table in room

Getting ready to move

Get your passport ready –

The most basic thing a student should start with is to get his/her passport ready. So when you start planning about your international academic journey, start it by obtaining a passport. If you already have a passport, check the validity and ensure that it is valid enough throughout your study program or at least during the first year of your study. This way you can move around without being bothered about the passport renewal process when you are at a new place. 

MacBook Pro, white ceramic mug,and black smartphone on table

Prepare your mindset –

Moving to a foreign destination, that too most probably without being accompanied by any of your loved ones might be a new experience for many students. So it is important to mentally prepare yourself to face the challenges that might arise during your stay. Many students feel homesick, lonely and depressed in the initial stages of their move. It is quite natural to feel so. But this can be avoided or reduced to a certain extent by preparing your mind ready to accept new situations. For most of the students, their selected study destination can be a new experience. They might be unfamiliar with everything about the place. You need to be ready to face all the challenges. There is nothing to be afraid of, but students should be aware of the possible hurdles. And the best part is that you can find many students in similar conditions and you can support each other whenever there is a need. Of course, the university authorities are responsible enough to take care of the comforts of the students but many times it happens that students hesitate to approach the authorities with their problems. So it is always a great idea to contact your student affairs in charge and update him or her about your status. They would be happy to help. 

Do good research –

As a student getting ready to move to an international destination, it is advisable to do good research on the country that you are choosing. You should know about the basic language, culture, food habits, lifestyle, living expenses, currency, social life, job opportunities, and whatever information you can get. As you know it is not a difficult thing to get information about almost anything that you need. We get everything at a mouse click. Thanks to Google. Put the right keywords and move ahead with your research. Note down the information you collected. If you have more than a single country in your mind, make charts to compare the key factors. You can make the comparison based on your preference and the factors that you want to consider the most. 

woman in brown sweater using macbook pro

There is a lot to know and do before you make your final move and I will be back with more information in the coming days. So stay tuned and leave your questions in the comment box below. 

Click here to watch the presentation I have done for the students of Wadi Rahma English School.